SMSF Property

Let Property Build Your Retirement Nest Egg.




Feeling worried for the future because of terrible sharemarket returns? SECURE your retirement well beyond what you imagined with bricks and mortar, by using just part of your Superannuation to invest. Proactive Australians are boosting their Retirement nest egg safely… to retire richer and retire earlier! It’s now much easier and more cost effective than you would think. Now you can buy YOUR CHOICE of property in a Self Managed Super Fund, using your established Super for a deposit and lending the rest.

If you don’t have a SMSF, the process to establish one is simple! There are now well over 400,000 SMSFs in Australia, with thousands more being registered every month. Don’t have enough yourself? You can pool your super with family members (Mum, Dad, Gran, Sister, Brother, Spouse, Defacto)! It will become a growing, protected asset for ALL beneficiaries.


Top Six Advantages of Geared SMSF Property

  1. Your SMSF can borrow up to 70% LVR to invest into residential property (must be purchased from within a trust).
  2. No out-­of-­pocket costs (every expense comes out of the SMSF) means you never have to sell in hard times and allows your family to accumulate assets.
  3. Your SMSF receives generous ongoing Tax Concessions (substantially reducing your Contributions & Earnings tax).
  4. SMSF debt can be repaid via Salary Sacrifice, and the ATO gives a tax deduction. A working spouse can also help reduce debt and build equity.
  5. Your SMSF pays NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX if you sell the property in pension phase.
  6. Built-­in Asset Protection! Assets inside your SMSF are protected from Creditors and Insolvency.


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