Wealth Creation and Preservation

At Lee & Lee Accountants, we know your time is precious.


Changes in your circumstances can impact on your ability to amass wealth – getting married, having children, business growth – they can all effect your finances, your plans and your future.

At Lee & Lee Accountants, we know your time is precious. We also know that it’s very important for you to spend some time getting your finances organised, accessible and working for you.

Choose to use our ‘Wealth Creation Program’ and we will partner with you to strategically plan and manage your wealth, and we’ll make the process very easy for you.

We’ll take your values, beliefs and traditions into consideration as we plan to meet your goals. We will also help you to identify your specific wealth objectives, teach you how to be financially well organised, and then assist you to plan and develop the best wealth creation and preservation strategy for you.

Contact us to discuss our exciting ‘Wealth Creation Program’ and how it can work for you.

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