Asset Protection

Asset protection involves putting your assets out of the reach of creditors.


No matter how safe you feel, you can never be certain that the wealth you have today won’t suddenly be taken from you tomorrow.

For many individuals, focusing on shielding assets from disaster is an afterthought to making money, doing business deals and saving taxes. Unless you can predict exactly when you may be sued, asset protection is a real and very serious concern that must be addressed.

Consideration should be given to structuring your business and personal assets to protect them from unforeseen circumstances. With the increase in litigation you need to protect the family home, your investments and business assets today.

Through our support and educational programs you will become financially literate in areas that will assist you to create and retain wealth through tax planning, succession planning and asset protection strategies.

Who Needs Asset Protection?

Doctors, lawyers and many other professionals are faced with constant exposure to malpractice lawsuits. Business owners, officers and directors are all common targets of litigation these days. In addition to negligence and products liability, claims by customers, suppliers, employees, lenders and business competitors can easily lead to financial devastation. Anyone who owns rental or commercial property is a common target for a lawsuit. Real estate developers and builders must deal with potential liability from buyers and users of property on latent property defects for seven years.

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