How We Work

When you work with Lee & Lee Accountants, you can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes.

Expected Results

It was once said ‘Success is a journey – not a destination.’

At Lee & Lee Accountants we begin by developing a comprehensive plan that fits with your life, your goals and your legacy.

Through planning we get to understand you, including the financial, emotional, and charitable aspects of your business, family and personality. We believe your true wealth is tied up in your values, vision and dreams. Learning these things and understanding your goals helps us bridge the past, present and future as we map your journey.

Our process also helps you to feel confident about your wealth creation and preservation plan. You can be assured that the individual plan we create is just right for you. We will help you to find the right path and provide you with the right tools to navigate it.

Our Approach

The Wealth Creation Program

The program takes into account aspects of your values, beliefs and traditions. We integrate them into your plan so you can achieve the goals you set. We carefully analyse and develop wealth-building approaches and protect against erosion.

Step 1 Realisation

During this process we clarify what wealth means to you. We discuss your goals, your strengths, your financial fears and where you want to be in the future. This step provides us with an understanding of your objectives. We begin to plan how to achieve them and consider the best strategy to advance you on the path to achieving your long-term goals.

Step 2 Reality

In this step we do an in depth assessment of your financial affairs to date. By completing our Wealth Financial Health Review <link> we are able to assess and establish your current financial situation. This will assist us in establishing a clear road map for your long-term wealth goals.

Step 3 Creation

Together we will review and develop comprehensive wealth control strategies and then measure the impact of these strategies on your finances and your future. Our mission is to educate you to make well-informed decisions that will enable you to take action to improve your financial freedom.

Step 4 Implementation

We have established the road map, now you can use it to help you to track, measure and validate your financial progress. The road map also helps us to evaluate your financial picture and provide new solutions that consider any changes that might take place in your life. We also use the road map to discuss other opportunities to create further wealth as they arise.

Step 5 Secure Your Future

From here we discuss your ‘Wealth Protection Program’. In this program we discuss property investment and structures, asset protection and structures, safeguarding your income earning capacity, superannuation choices, ownership structures, and wills, including appointing powers of attorney. We make sure that once your wealth program has been organised and created it continues to develop, grow and mature.

The Wealth Creation Program Graph

When you work with Lee & Lee Accountants, you can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes. The deep personal relationship we establish with you during the planning process leads to an effective and fulfilling plan.

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