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As Property Tax Specialists we can help you who’ve invested in property to maximise your tax refunds by implementing tax minimisation strategies.

The Property Tax Specialists are an award-winning leader in the Australian taxation field, with most experienced and knowledgeable experts in accounting, business add property investing. We can help with matters of asset protection and structure, property investing and development, accounting and taxation, including capital gains tax and GST .

If you are investing or developing property and want to make the most of your investments often have questions that go unanswered. These questions can surround aspects such as choosing the tax structures, capital gains tax or GST, deciding between holding and selling, renting, cash flow, renovations, transferring property in your Self managed super fund, going overseas and not to forget, or minimising taxes.

At Property Tax Specialists we specialises in answering questions in this realm and offers services to anyone seeking taxation advice, property investments or asset protection.

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